Drain Cleaning That Stays Clog Free

  • Unclog Your Drain for $129.
  • We fix the actual problem so it won’t clog again.
  • Guaranteed clog free at least 129 days - we call it Flowing Freedom.
  • Must have easy access.

How We Can Guarantee That You’ll Be Clog Free?

Our 129-day Flowing Freedom guarantee means it won’t clog again. We rarely have to honor it, because we find the source of your problem and fix that or recommend the service that will fix it.

Our first priority is to get your drain flowing again. You need the freedom to use your appliances and water without worrying about backups.

Our second priority is to seek a long-term solution. There isn’t always something deeper causing the backup, but if there is, we certainly believe you deserve to know this.

Structural problems like cracked pipes or poor work that needs to be redone necessitate an extra cost.  We wish that wasn’t the case, but we obviously couldn’t do days of digging or thousands of dollars of material repair for $129.

Should you refuse our recommendations for the clog-free repair, we can’t guarantee that it won’t clog again, and we’re happy to refund your money.  We don’t want to be blamed for poor quality work that we wouldn’t perform in our own house.

Should You Use Chemicals?

Most chemicals are acid-based and are meant to eat away at whatever obstruction is in the pipe. We often see that these chemicals, while sometime helpful, can cause damage to the interior of the plumbing.

It might not be noticeable right away, but down the road that pipe could potentially become brittle and cause problems because the chemicals have eaten away at it.

When Should You Call?

Maybe you’ve tried to snake the drain yourself with no luck, or you just don’t want to hassle with the clog; it’s time to call us in.

We would recommend not waiting until your drain is fully clogged to call. Waiting to call could make the problem more serious and more costly. Sitting water in drains can cause backflow damage or high pressure in the plumbing that leads to burst pipes.

Our experts here at American Eagle Plumbing are ready to serve you. We are committed to making sure you, the customer, know exactly what is going on. Is there more work that might need to be done?

We have a saying here at American Eagle Plumbing,

“Just because it ‘works’ doesn’t mean that it’s right.”

We are committed to making things right for you.

Camera Sewer Line Inspections

If one of our techs believes we need to take a look in the drain (and they will tell you why), we will recommend that to you and walk through what it looks like to perform the service. Remember, we are committed to doing it right.


Your drain may be flowing, but is there buildup in the drain that will continue to give you problems? We can clear the clog, but often times the drain needs fully jetted and cleaned. Let our techs walk you through what this service looks like.

Keep Your Pipes Clean with BioOne

pipes treated with bio-one

BioOne works safely, effectively and economically, and comes in a ready- to-use tip and pour bottle. BioOne reduces the organic buildup and odorous residue in residential and commercial plumbing and septic systems.

BioOne Drain Maintainer contains NO harmful chemicals or emulsifiers. With regular use, BioOne will maintain free-flowing systems and remedy sluggish systems. BioOne will not clear a completely clogged system, repair broken pipes and mechanical defects or degrade inorganic materials. Individual results may vary. BioOne is available exclusively through your plumbing professional. Not available online or in store.

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