Why Choose a Career at American Eagle Plumbing, Inc.

We’re thrilled you are investigating career opportunities with us. As the most prestigious plumbing company in Round Rock, TX we hold exclusive career opportunities for those committed to service and excellence. We are growing and are always hiring individuals who strive for excellence in their daily life.

American Eagle Plumbing, Inc. at a Glance

American Eagle Plumbing, Inc. is the area’s premier residential plumbing company. We feel the most critical piece of a service business is the people who work there. Finding and developing the right people is something our company prides itself in. We are a very employee focused company who appreciates the hard work of all of our employees and tries to never take them for granted. We employ the best of the best and are always on the hunt for those who wish to excel.

A Focus on Value

At American Eagle Plumbing, Inc. we focus on providing high value for our clients. To us, our clients are our family and we do our best to take care of them and look out for their best interests just as we would for our own family. Our staff participates in extensive, ongoing training so we have the experience to provide a superior level of service to our clients. We use state of the art tools and technology to diagnose and repair existing plumbing problems and use the finest equipment for new installations. Our plumbing work has to not only be correct, it also has to look great (even if no one else will ever see it). We do not take shortcuts, but show our clients what is in their best interests for the long term, not just the least expensive fix for now.

Benefits & Competitive Pay

American Eagle Plumbing, Inc. is proud to offer competitive pay and benefits to the areas’ best and brightest!
Benefits include:

  • Competitive pay
  • Highly competitive benefits package
  • Full-time, year round work available
  • 401k company match to help you prepare for retirement
  • PTO / Sick pay
  • Holiday pay
  • License renewal fees paid
  • Entire portion of CE classes paid
  • 100% Medical insurance premiums paid by employer
  • Voluntary benefits include Dental, & Vision
  • Tiered monthly bonus program to reward your hard work
  • Company uniforms to complement your good looks!
  • Company van to take home each day
  • 10K Bonus upon 5th year of service anniversary

Six Figures for Wildly Curious, Journeyman Plumbers!

Apply today if you are you are a wildly curious plumber, constantly looking for new ways to do things and improve your craft. It’s not enough for you to know the answer to a question. You want to understand why. In fact, there are plenty of times you’ve been accused of wasting your time following bunny trails while investigating something new. They say waste. Until your solution and implementation turn their problem into ancient history. Maybe your current boss or past employers haven’t gotten how special that is. We think it’s awesome that you love to learn.

If we walked into your garage, we’d see clean tools put in order. It is unmistakable that you have great pride in your tools and the trade you possess. You’ve been working this craft and know it well; customers tell you that you’re unlike anyone else they’ve had out to their home. They complement you on the work you do, and how you leave the space so clean once you’re done. You just smile because you know that what’s behind the wall is just as clean as what they can see outside the wall. You hate it when you open up a wall and see other plumbers’ work looking like a rat’s nest. You shake your head thinking, “Come on folks, this is unacceptable.”

Once you recognize the problem that should be fixed, your patience with customers is unlike any other. You know this is a huge deal for them. You’re able to listen, step into their shoes, and understand how to explain why you should do what you know should be done. The customer loves you: because instead of fixing the immediate issue, you look for the cause of the problem. You know this is best for them. It’s what drives you.

Despite how much you learn you’re extremely humble; it’s part of being curious. You know that if you weren’t humble then you wouldn’t be able to continue to learn. You love when others help teach and give you suggestions. And you like to help others around you. You like to win and be in control of your destiny. You’re smarter than most give you credit for, but know that there’s a better position out there for you.

If you aren’t making six figures as a journeyman plumber, we need to talk. One hundred thousand dollars is about halfway to your potential. We’re certain of it. You want to advance up in the company? Long term career advancement? Yes, and yes. What about healthcare and dental? Yep, provided. Paid vacation? Absolutely. Retirement package? You betcha. Loyalty bonuses too. All that is left is you.

We’d love for you to grow your career with us. We started American Eagle Plumbing in Minnesota, but do you know how cold it gets there? We left a booming base of customers behind and moved to Round Rock because we were hungry. Hungry for a change and a better life. And we’re certain we can offer that to you as well.

Our days are simple. We gather at 7:30 in the morning. We go through training together. We grow together. We stay hungry. Then we help stock and load up the van we provide for you, with the cell phone and iPad we give you, and you head off to control your own destiny: typically taking a few calls a day to serve someone in their home. Some days, work will go later. On others, when it’s slower, go home and enjoy yourself. Seriously. Balancing work and family life is extremely important. As married business partners, we know this very well.

Right now, we need journeymen, maybe apprentices down the road, but for now, just journeymen. You need to have a clean driving record, pass a drug and background check, possess a team player attitude, be proud of your work, listen well, be patient with people, and have the Kung Fu Panda mentality of “Service with a smile”. If you aren’t willing to do it right, even if it costs you a little time or money, then this isn’t for you. And we don’t allow for side-work, unless it’s your mom. And only your mom.

Now here’s the fun part. We hear lots of excuses why people can’t do this. When they can’t, we just hit delete on their application. But that’s not you. You pay attention to details. So please do this… Don’t send us a resumé. That really doesn’t tell us much. Instead when you apply, send us a 60 second video of yourself. Upload and attach it to the email; whatever you need to do to make it happen, just do it. You can tell us a little about yourself, but we also want you to answer one question in the video: What does it mean to be honest? Then put “Wildly Curious” in your subject line. If we don’t see those things, we won’t even read your application. It’s that simple. People who skim are going to see what’s bolded and miss the important part entirely.

We are very serious about who we put in our unmistakably recognizable vans. And if you’ve read this far, and have followed all the instructions, we bet you are pretty serious about all of this too.

Apply Today!

We are looking for highly technical, professional, residential service professionals who like to help people and can self-service. Plumbing Service Professionals determine service needs, quote prices, and perform repairs. Employees must be able to interact and communicate well with clients in their homes and businesses. Ideal candidates will understand not only basic plumbing repairs, but also sewer cleaning or jetting. All interested candidates must be able to assemble, install, and repair pipes, fittings, and fixtures of heating, water, and drainage systems, according to specifications and plumbing codes.

Employment Desired
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