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Tank Water Heaters

Every home has a water heater, and while there are a number of alternate options for the discerning Minneapolis, MN homeowner, most of us still rely on the traditional tank water heater to keep our water hot. They’re inexpensive and easy to operate, and most of them can do their jobs quietly for many years. That last part has a sting, however, since a quiet appliance can’t always signal that there’s a problem.

That’s why American Eagle Plumbing, Inc. specializes in tank water heater services of all varieties. That includes electric tank water heaters and gas tank water heaters alike, and encompasses installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services as well. From the beginning of your water heater’s life to the time you replace it for a new one, our team is providing our community prompt and honest service. Contact our team to learn more.

Installation and Replacement Services are One and the Same

Putting in a new water heater for the first time is an important operation, which usually takes place when a home is first constructed. We pride ourselves on our installation service and can install hot water tanks running on propane, natural gas, electric tank water heaters, and gas tank water heaters alike.

In addition, most homeowners in the Minneapolis area need replacement services for their hot water heater more than installation of a new one. There too, our team is ready to perform the operation quickly and effectively, ensuring that your home never loses the hot water you need for cooking, cleaning and bathing.

Watch Carefully for Repair Issues

The tricky part of repairing damaged water heaters isn’t the repair job itself. It’s noticing the signs that there’s a problem and calling in the right repair service. Because hot water heaters are so quiet and do their jobs without drawing a lot of attention to themselves, it can be hard to spot the signs of trouble until the repairs look more like replacement.

In general, anything that seems out of the ordinary may be cause for a repair call. This can include puddles of water forming around the base of the heater, strange noises, higher–than–expected monthly bills and even rust–colored water appearing in your outlets. When that happens, turn off the power to the water heater (gas, electric or otherwise), and call in our team of professionals today! We serve the whole of the greater Minneapolis area!

Use Maintenance Sessions to Prevent Repairs

We can perform repairs on tank hot water heaters when needed, whether electric, propane or natural gas. But we also believe in preventing repair calls from ever being needed. That means setting up a regular maintenance session for your water heater. This isn’t the same as a repair call. Instead, it’s designed to correct the little problems that can lead to bigger ones.

In so doing, it not only helps stop breakdowns from taking place (by cleaning out sediment, replacing the anode rod and similar steps) but can also lower the monthly costs of running your system. When applied over time, it can even extend the life of your water heater by months or even years!

Tankless Water Heaters

Most people are accustomed to the traditional tank model of water heater, but they’re not the only option out there. Tankless water heaters, which get rid of the large cylindrical tanks, offer a number of benefits that you would do well to explore. Though they’re not right for every Minneapolis, MN home, they can offer considerable advantages to those homes that make a good fit.

At American Eagle Plumbing, Inc., we believe in finding the right tankless water heater for those homes that would do well with it, then being there for installation, repair, replacement and maintenance services whenever you need us to. It’s part of our stated goal of providing our community prompt and honest service. Contact us today and let us set up a consultation!

How They Work

As you may have guessed, tankless water heaters don’t use traditional tanks to do their jobs. Instead, they use heated coils to heat the water instantly as it travels through the pipes. They work better in smaller homes than larger ones, since placing too much strain on them can diminish their effectiveness. They also cost more to install than tank models, especially if you require more than one unit to meet all of the needs of your home.

But with the right service in your corner, you can keep those costs to a minimum. In return, you’ll enjoy all of the benefits they provide: instant hot water, potentially limitless so long as the water keeps flowing, and usually with a lower cost than water heated in a more traditional manner. For Minneapolis residents concerned about the bottom line, it could be the perfect fit.

Installation and Replacement are a Snap

Tankless water heater installation starts with an assessment of the needs of your home. Vacation homes, for instance, often make a great fit for tankless units because tankless systems do better than tank models after sitting for lengthy periods of time, as do fishing cottages and similar residences here in Minneapolis.

Once that’s complete, the installation itself can be performed. Tankless systems are often placed near the outlet they’re serving, which accounts for another big benefit of theirs – saving space. And with the pros at American Eagle Plumbing, Inc. in your corner, you can rest assured that the installation will be performed correctly. We can also perform replacement services on older heaters whose race may be run.

Trust Us for Repair and Maintenance Issues

Tankless water heater installation is only the first part of the equation. You also need the same service company to come back when repairs are needed, and more importantly, to perform tankless water heater maintenance on a regular basis to prevent those repairs.

Maintenance is highly recommended for any major plumbing appliance, not only because it gives the technician a chance to stop big issues when they’re still small, but to help the water heater perform more efficiently and even extend its lifespan when performed regularly. We’re happy to provide swift repair service when needed, but we take just as much pride in scheduling maintenance and helping to keep those calls to a minimum!