Tankless Water Heater Repair in Round Rock

Dependable tankless water heater services in Round Rock, TX and beyond.

While traditional tank water heaters are still the most common type, tankless water heaters are gaining market share. That’s mainly because on-demand units have a reputation for running more efficiently. But like any other appliance, they succumb to wear and tear and need repairs. That’s where American Eagle Plumbing, Inc. comes in.

With extensive experience, ongoing training and modern tools, you can count on us for professional tankless water heater repair services in Round Rock, TX and surrounding areas. We also offer plumbing services such as:

  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Water softeners
  • Sump Pump installation
  • Water filtration systems
  • Gas leak detection
  • And More!

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Tankless Water Heater Repair

Point of use water heaters are quite effective and efficient. However, knowing the signs of impending failure can come in handy. Here are a few typical signs that your instant hot water heater needs repairs:

  • A sudden change in water quality.
  • Your water heater is giving you warning messages.
  • Trouble getting consistent hot water/ water pressure.
  • Strange sounds coming from your unit.
  • Unusual smells or tastes in your hot water.

How Long Do On-Demand Water Heaters Last?

Like most things, you can only predict the life expectancy of an instant hot water heater based on normal usage and maintenance. These systems are less exposed to water-based corrosion than their regular tank-type counterparts.  As such, traditional water heaters will last about 8-12 years while a point of use water heater will last about 20 years.

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The Importance of Working With a Professional

Hiring professionals to fix your instant hot water heater could help you lower your utility bills. The professionals at American Eagle Plumbing, Inc. can diagnose your unit and find a viable long-lasting solution to the problem.

We have the qualifications and experience to handle any repairs and restore your water heater to optimal functionality. We’ll optimize your unit to give you hot water as fast as possible while lowering your energy consumption. You can also count on us to spot potential problems before they occur, fixing them and saving you lots of money in the long run.

Do you have a tankless water heater that needs repairs? American Eagle Plumbing, Inc. is always ready to help. We offer flat-rate pricing to all our clients and are proud to serve Round Rock, TX, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at 512-626-8661.