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Every home in the Minneapolis, MN area has a plumbing system that needs proper care. In some ways, plumbing hasn’t changed. It requires the same basic knowledge and commitment and hard work that it always did. In other ways, technology has moved plumbing forward, with exciting new methods and equipment designed to do the job more effectively than ever.

Here at American Eagle Plumbing, Inc., we’re dedicated to providing you the best service for your plumbing system, which includes the right mix of old-fashioned hard work and assistance from the latest technological advances. Whether you need an installation, replacement, repair or maintenance services on your plumbing, call American Eagle Plumbing every time to make sure the job gets done right.


What Causes Plumbing Breakdowns?

Plumbing installation and replacement services are a big part of our operations, but the largest issues usually involve repairs. Most plumbing repair calls here in Minneapolis can be traced back to 5 basic problems that you should watch out for:

  1. Wear and tear caused by the advancing age of the system.
  2. Excess water pressure increasing strain on the pipes.
  3. Hard water and similar contaminants in the water supply.
  4. Problems caused by poor installation, including do–it–yourself installations and those performed by subpar companies.
  5. A lack of timely, regular maintenance on your plumbing system.

We have the solution to all of those problems and can perform timely repairs to get them resolved. But we also believe that prevention is key. That’s why we tailor our installation, replacement, and maintenance sessions to help stop big issues from forming in the first place. Contact our team today and let us show you what we can do!

What Does Our Minneapolis Plumbing Service Entail?

Plumbing service means solving the age–old problems like leaks, clogs, and repiping issues. But the plumbing system in your Minneapolis home is composed of more than just pipes, and a good plumber needs to treat those components when they run into trouble too. That can include:

What is Backflow?

Backflow is created when water pressure changes in larger plumbing systems, causing non–potable water to travel the wrong direction up the pipes. It intermingles with potable water, creating serious contamination issues. This is rarely a concern in most residential systems, but commercial systems need to adhere to the very highest standards lest backflow create serious issues with their product and their operations.

At American Eagle Plumbing, Inc., we’re very aware of these problems, and are dedicated to correcting them to the best of our ability. That’s why we take great care in the entire process of backflow prevention, from testing to installation to repair. In the process, we’ll give your business a big leg up over a very serious problem. Call our team today!

Prevention Starts with Testing

Before you can install a backflow prevention device, you need to understand where the trouble points are and how to deal with them in the correct fashion. It also involves testing backflow prevention devices that have already been installed, to ensure that they meet the government–regulated standards and will do their job as anticipated.

That means you need a plumbing company that is qualified to handle all aspects of backflow testing, then follow it up with quality installation and servicing. We pride ourselves on how well our technicians handle these very important steps in keeping your commercial plumbing system running the way it’s supposed to. Contact our team today and let us get the process started for you!

Installation is Only One Step

Once you’ve determined the spots that are vulnerable to backflow, a trained plumber can install backflow prevention devices in the proper places and ensure that they’re running correctly. But that’s still only part of the process. We’ll also be there to keep your backflow preventers running smoothly with timely annual maintenance and repairs when needed. We believe in a long–term commitment to our customers, and we know how important backflow prevention is to the smooth functioning of your business.

Why? Because things like backflow prevention aren’t one–offs that you can treat with a single installation and let be. It’s a constant process, which means that regular servicing is key to ensuring that it never happens. And your business likely has enough to keep you occupied without having to worry about your plumbing. Let us take care of it for you!

Toilets and Sinks Develop Clogs and Leaks

Clogs and leaks are usually the most common issues facing all aspects of your bathroom plumbing: toilets, bathroom sinks, and bathtubs and showers. Nothing can bring your Minneapolis home screeching to a halt more than a tub that won’t drain or a toilet that springs a leak. In these cases, you need prompt but effective service to take care of the problem the right way. The longer it goes untreated, the harder it will be on your family, and the worse the issue may become.

At American Eagle Plumbing, Inc., we know that speed can’t come without efficiency and efficient repairs won’t mean a whole lot if you have to wait for days to get the call. That’s why we pledge to correct any clogs or leaks in your bathroom, and conduct other bathroom repair sessions and sink repair sessions with the quality you expect, all without the wait!

Installation Services Need Professional Attention

When we speak about installation in most Minneapolis bathrooms, we usually mean some manner of upgrade. Unless you’re building your house from scratch or adding in a new bathroom, installation means replacing an older toilet or sink with a new one. That can be the sole purpose of the job, or it can be part of a larger bathroom remodeling project.

Either way, a professional service is your best call for handling it properly. Only a professional can meet the practical needs of your bathroom plumbing while still adhering to the visual aesthetics required to turn your bathroom into a more pleasant place to be. If you’re considering a remodeling project, or just want to get rid of an ugly old sink or toilet, led our team take the lead!

Prevent Repairs Before They Start

Bathroom plumbing systems get a lot of attention day in and day out, simply by virtue of necessity. Repair calls and breakdowns can cause a huge disruption, and while a good plumber can correct the problem with all deliberate speed, it’s still easier to prevent those problems instead of dealing with them after the fact. That’s why we recommend a periodic maintenance session for your bathroom plumbing, and indeed for your plumbing system as a whole.

Maintenance lets us check for problem areas, handle any potential issues before they get started, and recommend replacement components for things like valves in the toilet and shower heads that may be in need of throwing out. With it, we can stop a number of problems before they get started!

What Kinds of Clogs?

Clogs in your Minneapolis drain pipes can come from a number of sources, but no single clog is quite like any other. In the bathroom, for instance, it can be formed by toothpaste (which can harden to cement–like consistency in your drains), soap, make–up, hair (which can combine with other components to make a nasty clog indeed) and even inappropriate objects like toys which small children can flush down the toilet.

In the kitchen, it’s much different: often related to food or other components associated with meal preparation: potato peelings, used food particles, and the like. That means that every clog encountered in your home is likely composed of something different. The professionals at American Eagle Plumbing, Inc. can unclog your drain by addressing the specific nature of the clog, instead of adopting some generalized solution that only partially does the job.

Repairs Can Be More Extensive?

Clogs are the most common problems with drainage pipes, but not the only ones. When leaks or breaches spring up, the pipes need to be repaired or replaced quickly, lest the leaking water result in a health issue in your home. That can often mean big problems, which is why a trained plumber is the only way to go.

Our professional team handles more extensive drainage pipe repairs with the same care and consideration we bring to the simpler task of unclogging your drains. If you’re concerned that your drainage pipes have become damaged and want a plumber with the right skills and tools to deal with the issue the right way, give us a call today!

Why Go With a Professional Service?

Many issues surrounding drainage pipes here in Minneapolis involve clogs, which aren’t uncommon considering how much waste gets disposed of down there. From food particles in your kitchen drains to soap, toothpaste and makeup in the bathroom drains, materials are routinely rinsed away that can result in a nasty back–up.

The problem is that most people turn to store–bought solutions to handle it, which often only partially solve the problem while creating others to deal with as well. Store–bought drain cleaners, for instance, adopt a one–size–fits–all approach to the problem, and can damage the pipes themselves as well as leaving chunks of the clog in place to quickly rebuild. Instead, trust our professional team to take care of the problem the right way, and avoid that kind of damage to your pipes.

Where Does Gas Piping Appear?

Gas piping is a vital component in any heating system that relies on it for fuel. You see it most prominently in gas–fed furnaces and water heaters, but it can also appear in hybrid heating systems and similar devices. Gas lines work somewhat differently than water lines, but they often encounter similar issues, such as leaks and clogs.

Properly trained plumbing professionals like American Eagle Plumbing, Inc. can handle flexible gas lines and rigid gas lines just as readily as they do water pipes. That extends to replacement, repair and maintenance as well as installation. If you’re worried about the gas lines in your home, don’t fret about finding the right company for the job. Call us and we’ll put it all back on track!

What Kinds of Problems Are Faced by Gas Piping?

Repair jobs for gas piping can run the gamut from leaks, corrosion and clogs, to poor fittings and issues arising from the installation of a new unit (such as a gas–powered water heater). Here in Minneapolis, our cold winters can increase the wear and tear on gas lines – especially those located in spots like the basement, which aren’t as warm as other parts of the house – and leaks can be much more dangerous in gas lines than water lines.

The moment you detect the smell of gas in your home, or any of your gas–fed appliances aren’t performing the way you need them to, pick up the phone and call us today. We can find the source of the gas piping problem and ensure that it gets corrected the right way, whether it’s a leak, a clog or something more extensive.

Trust Us for Maintenance as Well as Repairs

The key to preventing leaks in natural gas piping or other forms of piping is to spot the signs of corrosion and other issues that can affect your system. That’s why it’s usually a good idea to set up a quality maintenance session for your gas pipes, usually as part of a larger session covering your entire home. We can provide that, as well as timely installation and repairs on all of your gas pipes. Not only will it help stop trouble before it begins, but it could help that aspect of your plumbing system last a lot longer than it might otherwise!

Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems

Kitchen plumbing tends to experience more clogs than other parts of the home, accompanied by issues with the garbage disposal. This often stems from pouring coffee grounds, potato peelings, and similar "forbidden" food items down the drain. They’re forbidden because they can cause bad clogs. Kitchen sinks can encounter problems with hard water – not uncommon here in Minneapolis – and when leaks or corroded pipes show up, they tend to bring your entire home to a halt.

The key to stopping these problems is learning to spot them – either through overt signs of trouble like a sink backing up, or subtle ones like a garbage disposal unit making strange noises – and then calling in a professional plumbing service like American Eagle Plumbing, Inc. to take care of the problem. Only professional plumbers should handle issues with your kitchen plumbing. Let us be the ones to help!

Kitchen Sinks Need Attention To

We rarely pay too close attention to the kitchen sink, save during remodeling projects when it often changes location, or at least is replaced with one that better fits your Minneapolis kitchen. Plumbing problems in the kitchen tend to involve pipes or water lines, not sink repair. But kitchen sinks can crack or suffer other damage, and the caulking holding them in position can deteriorate over time. Improper faucet plumbing can cause issues as well.

When that happens, you need the right plumbing service to take care of the problem as effectively as they would a leaky pipe or corroded water heater. Whether it’s part of a larger kitchen remodeling project, or more immediate problem that needs solving, count on us to do it right!

We Cover It All

The kitchen is one of the centers of your household, and any plumbing problems have a way of disrupting the entire space. Leaks and cracks in the sink make it harder to prepare dinner, while a malfunctioning garbage disposal can prevent you from properly preparing meals.

Regardless of the issue, we’re the ones to turn to for faucet plumbing and other forms of kitchen plumbing. We know how important this part of the home is to you, and we’re dedicated to performing installation, maintenance, repair and replacement services there with the quality and precision you expect. Regardless of the issue, we won’t rest until you’re satisfied with our work!

What Do Piping Services Entail?

Plumbing systems can be broken down into three very basic categories: outlets and fixtures at the end of the pipes, appliances like garbage disposals and water heaters (which are essentially more elaborate outlets and fixtures), and the pipes linking them together (and with the Minneapolis civil water system and sewer system in most cases). Of those, you will always find the third type—pipes—in every plumbing system, no matter which building or what purpose it serves.

Piping services thus need to be ready to answer the call no matter what the building and no matter what the need. That includes pipe installation when a building first goes up, piping maintenance to keep trouble at bay, piping repairs for when leaks, clogs or damage takes place, and piping replacement for when an old pipe finally gives up the ghost. We can cover all of that and more!

Plumbing Pipes Require Repairs.

Minneapolis is simply too harsh an environment to expect your plumbing pipes to emerge unscathed from our long and punishing winters. Though piping material lasts a long time, leaks and corrosion are inevitable, and without a swift repair service, you may find yourself cleaning up more than just a little water. Without reliable pipe repair services, you’re likely to see damage caused by leaking water in the framework of your walls, vulnerable furnishings and even key systems like electrical systems.

We’re standing by with top–notch pipe repair service, moving swiftly yet effectively to seal leaks, un–stick clogs and attend to all the other details that prevent your pipes from doing their jobs.

We Do Repiping Too!

Repiping is required when a length of pipe is corroded or becomes damaged. In some cases, it’s also necessary when you’re refurnishing a room such as a bathroom or kitchen, and need to add or replace pipes in order to make the new space work the way it should. Regardless, it requires a team like ours with the right combination of skills and experience to perform the job the right way.

What Is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a device placed at the apex of your Minneapolis home: the place where floodwaters gather and begin to fill the house. Some sump pumps are placed on stands, while others are placed directly into pits, called sump pits, which are dug specifically for them. Flooding waters are channeled into the sump pit, and the sump pump uses centrifugal force to pull the water into itself, and then expel it from your home via a pipe. As a result, your household stays dry and your property is protected from flooding damage.

At American Eagle Plumbing, Inc., we know how much peace of mind that can give you (as well as giving your insurance rates a break). That’s why we offer quality sump pump installation, as well as sump pump repair and sump pump maintenance in the off–season to ensure that your system is ready to go when you need it!

What Goes Into Sump Pump Installation?

Installing a sump pump in your Minneapolis home means more than just digging a hole and planting it in place. The plumber needs to discuss your options with your and find a sump pump that provides the right pumping power for your home. An underpowered unit may become overwhelmed during heavy flooding and fail to do its job.

In addition, you need your plumber to examine your home for the best spot: the lowest point on the property if possible, and with ready access to your home power grid if necessary, as well as an easy spot to place an ejection pipe that gets rid of the water safely. That’s the kind of expertise we bring to every sump pump installation project!

Repair and Maintenance are Key

As we intimated earlier, installing a new sump pump is just part of the job. In addition, you need to make sure that your sump pump is ready to go when the rains start to fall. Otherwise, it could fail right at the moment when you need it the most.

That’s why it’s important to perform repairs properly and to schedule regular maintenance – before flooding season if possible – to ensure that the sump pump doesn’t quit on you during an emergency. Contact our team today and schedule a session now. You’ll thank us when your home stays dry during the next heavy rain.

Why Is It a Problem?

Outside faucet repair is necessary simply because there are few ways to protect your outdoor faucet with the ravages of our Minneapolis winter. Besides draining the pipe of water – which you should do every fall – and providing covering for it if necessary, it’s left vulnerable to freezing temperatures and heavy snows. Most of the time, the faucet is built to withstand such punishment, but time takes its toll and as the years go on, the punishment it absorbs makes problem inevitable.

The moment you detect an issue, pick up the phone and give our team a call. We’re dedicated to providing you with the very best service in all aspects of your plumbing, and we see enough outside faucet replacement and repair calls to find the right solution for your faucet.

Repair Often Means Replacement

When outside faucets become damaged, we often recommend replacing the unit instead of simply repairing it. There are a number of reasons for that. In most cases, a repair is simply a temporary solution at best – fixing a problematic handle that may have snapped off for instance. The operation normally requires cutting into the wall either way, and replacement becomes a simpler way of ending that issue.

We push the need for outside faucet replacement when necessary, to ensure that the issue that caused the homeowner to call us won’t be repeated next winter. Our team will examine the damaged outlet, find the right option to address the problem, and implement it with care and attention to detail!

Correcting the Problem, Not Just Kicking It Down the Road

Depending upon the nature of the problem, you may require more extensive work. This isn’t done for its own sake, but rather to prevent such a problem from recurring. In some cases, it can be very simple: replacing a broken handle with one that’s sturdier and more able to withstand the wear and tear of Mother Nature.

In other cases, however, it may involve moving the outlet to a more protected part of the home or insulating the connecting pipe to help it better withstand the cold. No job is quite like any other, and we adopt unique strategies to ensure that your particular issue doesn’t crop up again the next time the weather gets cold!

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Installation Is the First Step

No water line can function without a quality installation service, which usually takes on one of two forms. The first takes place during construction, when the water line is installed in the building the first time. The second is when a home owner or business property owner chooses to expand or remodel the existing plumbing system.

Either way, it’s a job that requires a professional touch, which is why we take such pride in performing water line installation with care and consideration. We know that will result in fewer repair calls, a better ability to function and an overall extension of the period before wear and tear start to take their toll. If you’re installing a new water line, either a main water line or a smaller water line, then don’t hesitate to call.

Repairs Need to Move Quickly

We talk about prompt service a lot, and nowhere is that more important than with a leak or a rupture in the water line. Water lines can also develop clogs that can reduce the flow of your water, corrosion leading to ruptures, and countless other problems that can hit your home at any moment. Frozen pipes, too, are a big problem during our Minneapolis winters, and when they take place, you can’t waste time worrying about when it’s going to get fixed.

There’s no need to worry on that front. We know that water line repairs need to take place as quickly as possible, but also that they need to be done the right way, so that the problem doesn’t reoccur a few weeks or months later. If you need main water line repair, there’s no other company to call!

Main Water Line Problems Are a Snap

Problems with the main water line leading into your home can be serious indeed: cutting off or contaminating your water supply before it arrives. Repairing the main water line used to require a lot of time and effort, but thanks to modern techniques, it can now be accomplished with much less trouble.

Of course, you still need the right service on the job, which is why American Eagle Plumbing, Inc. provides top–notch repair and replacement services for the main water line in your home. Contact us today to learn more!